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Artist Statement

Posted by Olayinka Kasali on April 22, 2015 at 2:30 AM Comments comments (0)

The sayings; ‘art is self-expression’ and ‘art is life’ are the underlying philosophies in my creations. All that makes up what is termed art is a culmination of nature - living and non-living things, man’s thoughts and life as a whole. The aforementioned is what the artist and I translate into that phenomenon called “art”. Art is life; life is spiritual and man, a spirit. I consider the artist to be in the highest class of spirituality and this conviction gives me the impetus to continually go back to the studio to maintain connection with that realm. I strive to satisfy my curiosity in nature, putting all cards on the table as far as I can see and therefore pursue objectivity in order to fulfill my creative tendencies. With the rich and invaluable culture embedded in my backgroung, the great and historic Yorubaland, Western part of Nigeria and the nation as a whole, I employ art as a tool for propagating, documenting and preserving her culture. This I do and achieve through colour and form. I do not seek photo-realism! I capitalize and explore various textures as a vital element of art to express myself and I consciously and conscientiously channel my art towards like minds.

I work mainly in 2d and 3d formats gathering inspirations from every element around that catches my fancy. Culture, spirituality, education, colour and form per se are my key sources of inspiration and I love to work from life. I usually embark on observational trips - during these trips, I arm myself with my sketch pad and camera which serves as the starting point for my art pieces. At other times, I am my own model and this motivates me to keep a body that inspires me. My paintings are rendered in acrylics and oils with subjects ranging from landscapes to figurative. The feel of clay and the human body is a great motivation for me towards modeling. I cast my sculptures traditionally in fiberglass, a little terracotta and direct concrete modeling. Intense observation of nature has been my primary teacher, followed by a close study of great masters and contemporary visual artists.

I believe anyone with dreams and doggedness will go anywhere he wants to go and be anywhere he wants to be. My goal is to be known worldwide as an artist, a sculptor and to be celebrated in my generation and generations unborn. This is the more reason I took to studying fathers like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael Santi, Tuck Land, Ben Enwonwu, Abayomi Barber, Eichinger, Brian Craig… to mention few. To achieve my goal, I have to work and study – formally and informally as the journey of creative orgasm continues...






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